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The Wave Clapper

The Wave Clapper – For places & structures that are suffering from “space restrictions” (which means, not enough space to implement the traditional large-scale floaters), we propose the “Wave Clapper” shape, which enables to put the floaters with very small spaces between one another and prevent the need in safe gaps between the floaters.

The float is made in the form of a leak-proof capacity with a definite configuration of walls . The floater’s foredeck directed against an incident wave has a pointed triangular shape, with chamfers towards the floater’s bottom. At that, a surface confronting waves can have both a flat and curvilinear configuration. Thus, an incident surf wave reinforces a vertical force of the floater’s ascent and getting to the “wedge” formed by foredecks of neighboring pontoons, moves them apart and protects from sides clash. It facilitates decrease in lateral loads of pontoon fastenings to a pier and increase in a construction operation life.

Besides, rounding-off of pontoon angles from the pier side facilitates seawater reflux at wave rolling back from the pier, and furthers pontoon sinking and suction of working liquid into pumping cylinders.

The “Wave Clapper” enjoys many advantages, among which are: Three different Storm-Protection Mechanisms, easy and efficient maintenance, Corrosion Protection which enables a floater’s life span of at least 30 years, Shock-Waves protection Mechanism, Lever Regulation Mechanism, Float Position Regulation Mechanism, an innovative Energy Control System and a Flexible Modular Structure (Please read further info in “Key Features” Tab).


Moreover, the “Wave Clapper” production cost is very cost-efficient,  for a 1MW sea wave power station.
  • 1MW is enough for 1000 houses
  • On peak: 600 houses
  • On average: 1,200 houses

and the KW production cost is also very attractive. Our prices are competitive not only with the prices of other ocean energy devices, but also with wind, solar, hydro and even traditional methods for electricity production such as: oil, coal, gas and others.