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Manufacturing and Assembly

The EWP’s floaters are uniquely designed by Eco Wave Power’s top engineering team, in accordance to the wave climate in each and every region in the world.

As opposed to our competitors, we believe that it is a mistake to use standardized floaters for different geographic locations. EWP puts an emphasis on adjusting our floaters to different locations, in order to maximize their effectively and minimize risks of mechanical damages. All our customers will have the certainty of purchasing sea wave power plants, which were specifically adjusted to their preferable place of implementation, in accordance with the feasibility studies of such locations.

In terms of the mechanical equipment, EWP is mainly using “off the shelf” proven components, which in turn increases component reliability and widens the supply chain options.

Our suppliers are the best in their field, supplying EWP with the highest quality and safest parts and components, which are constantly being updated according to the novelties in their field of expertise. If your company is interested in supplying EWP or in other type of business relations, please contact us.